Ben S.
San Jose, CA

Every once in awhile you find someone that is well priced, honest and is excellent at what they do. I found Dave through Yelp and all of his reviews were spot on. He’s worked harder on getting my TV, surround sound stereo, home networking systems up and running than any of the contractors through my entire home renovation.

Dave is always easy to reach, works hard to the job done, accommodates a busy schedule, is quick to respond on email and knows his stuff. Any other company wouldn’t have done half the job, it would have taken twice as long and cost 3x as much.

I recommend Dave HIGHLY to anyone in need of a larger or small job. He’s excellent and truly understands what it means to provide great service.

If this review isn’t enough and you want to call me to discuss further, feel free to reach me on my cell phone @ 650-996-1484.


Joe S.
San Jose, CA

Great service. Very knowledgeable and doesn’t take long to get an appointment. He mounted an LCD for me, he completed the job within 1.5 hours and the work was excellent.

Buster H.
Santa Clara, CA

Dave of Zion AV is a competent professional in both technical knowledge of home theater specification, installation and set-up. He is very personable as well as an astute businessman. We used his services to install our new 46″ LCD HDTV as well as mount speakers (fronts and surrounds) in the wall and ceilings. Dave got us a great deal on a Yamaha receiver and set the system up after installation. It really ROCKS and so does Dave.

It is refreshing to see such a bright and competent person who is running his own show at a relatively young age (I’m middle aged).

I highly recommend Zion AV

Eugene M.
Menlo Park, CA

Dave of Zion AV is fast, responsive, and very knowledgeable. Best of all, he knows what he’s doing. He installed outdoor speakers on my patio and connected them to my receiver. Even though my house had a small attic and a cross beam blocking the route from the speakers to the receiver, Dave made it work. He also ran a phone cord from my DirecTV DVR through the crawl space underneath the house to my Internet router so that I could access OnDemand. If you need to set up some electronics at a reasonable price and have a trustworthy guy do it, Dave is your man.

Michael R.
Mountain View, CA

Dave, who owns Zion (it’s a one man show) is fantastic! I needed three things done to my place: Stereo speaker wires run under the crawl space and through the walls, ethernet cable run under the crawl space and into my den, cable TV cable outlet moved from one end of my den to the other.

Dave was not only less expensive than other electricians and handymen, but I believe, much, much better. He gave me a fixed price quote, but beyond just doing the work that he was asked to do, he also really knows his stuff, and gave me a bunch of recommendations for better ways to set up my stereo itself. For example, he put in a new cable to my system, and actually then spent the time (without charging more) to reprogram my surround sound. Wow! I cannot believe how good it sounds now — infinitely better than before.

Throughout everything – from estimate to completion of work, I felt like Dave was completely honest with me, wasn’t trying to take advantage of me, and sincerely cared about arriving at the best solution for me.

Dave is such a breath of fresh air in a world where so many of these guys either don’t know what they’re talking about, or are trying to shaft you and cut corners everywhere they can.

Deborah S.
San Francisco, CA

OK so I know that TiVO and cable really are not considered IT services, but that shit is confusing–especially when you have ComCast cable guy come over and “fix” everything for you so nothing works; then they blame it on your TiVO box.

OK I digress, had problems with my TiVO and cable set up after we moved; ComCast bailed out with their lame excuses so I had to take matters into my own hands. I tried to find someone on Yelp but had no luck, so I went to Craigslist.com and found Zion AV; left an email at about 10:00 pm and had an email from Davie by 7:30 am the next morning.

We dicussed his rate: $100 bucks for the first hour and $60 an hour after that, and the time he would show up. He was on time and had my stuff rewired and working within 30 minutes. He was great. If you have any home networking needs here in San Francisco, give them a call.

Steven M.
Redwood City, CA

Dave of Zion AV is a dedicated, knowledgeable and respectful of his customers. Excellent response time -will go the extra mile. As my Audio Video needs grow I will only let Dave do my upgrades.